Philip K

I'm Swedish/Brazilian, and have always loved cooking! My grandma first taught me how to make scrambled eggs, and since then I've immersed myself in various food cultures. After several years of living in Asia, I took up Japanese cooking as I love the food and culture.

I'm also a big fan of steak and sea food, and hopefully I'll be able to host you for these meals too in the future :)

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"The incredible sushi and sashimiplatter was more incredible than we dared to hope for .Chef Philip has really Matured,since we first tried his kitchen,many years ago.We higly recommend this. Lars o Pia"


Lars B

"I had the most fantastic first experience having a meal with EatAbout. The miso soup, variety of sushi rolls and sashimi were all beautifully presented and incredibly delicious. Philip was a very friendly host, and I not only watched him make the sushi, but was also able to make my own roll. I highly recommend this meal to anyone with a love for Japanese cuisine. "


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