To say that the EatAbout team loves food is a huge understatement - we're always on the lookout for great new places to eat. We couldn't be happier to combine our two passions through EatAbout: food and people.

Philip Källberg - Co-founder & CEO
Philip most recently headed customer success at London-based startup Cloud 66, with previous experience in B2C marketing at Google and business development at Spotify. Philip is a "third culture kid", having grown up in 8 countries. He loves technology and food, and is an avid home chef.

Felix Bråberg - Co-founder & COO
Felix most recently worked as a management consultant at Capco, with previous experience in operations at GlaxoSmithKline. Felix started his career working in a theater kitchen preparing gala dinners for over 200 people. His favourite cuisine is French and he has a real soft spot for crème brûlée.

Alexandra Kalinowski - Community Manager
Alexandra's love for food brought her to London to head up Community at Zomato, where she developed a passion for social media, start-ups and brand. She typically sports a Nutella-Peanut Butter mustache and can be found with food in her mouth at all times. If found empty-mouthed, please feed before she gets hangry.

Richard Källberg - Marketing Manager
Richard started his career as a management and technology consultant at Accenture, working mainly in the consumer goods & services industry. Having lived on 3 continents and speaking over 5 languages he is naturally fond of engaging with people from different cultures. He has a huge appetite, loves bartending, and has experience organizing social events for 100+ people.

Elton Okada - Full stack developer
Elton lives in the paradise that is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and has many years experience
building high traffic websites. He has a big passion for food and Brazilian barbeque.

Rudy Muhardika - Graphic designer
Rudy joins us from Indonesia, with a big love for digital design. He's possibly the most patient person on the planet, rivalled only by the Dalai Lama.