How it works

How it works

EatAbout is the alternative to restaurants where you eat in the home of a chef. It's like your own private restaurant where you get to interact with the chef preparing your food. Our chefs source local and high quality ingredients and prepare meals that rival those served in restaurants. You’ll love the food, and because we cut out traditional restaurant overheads, you’ll like the prices too. This is how it works...


Browse EatAbout

Search EatAbout by city, date and number of guests, and we'll match you with the available chefs and show you what meals are on offer. The meals are sorted by proximity to your search location, and you can also view them on the map.


Book your meal

Once you've decided on a meal and are ready to book, simply click Request and provide your credit card details. We'll notify your chef about the booking, and you'll only be charged once they accept. Once this happens, you can let them know about any dietary requirements and ask any questions you might have.



This is our favourite part! You'll have received the address and directions to your chefs home, so show up and enjoy the meal!

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