Eating with an EatAbout chef

EatAbout chefs all have one thing in common: they love making food, and sharing this passion with others in their home. They come from all walks of life, and range from professional chefs to home chefs who do what they love on the side.

After being vetted by EatAbout, these chefs go on to combine all the best elements of going out to restaurants – high quality food, a relaxing environment and top-level service. Other benefits include:

Your own private restaurant in the home of a chef

Did you get to meet the person making your food during your last visit to a restaurant? I didn’t think so! The chef profession is notoriously mysterious to most people – we all know they exist, but we never get to speak with them. With EatAbout, you’re eating in the home of a chef, who is with you every step of the way. From walking in the door, you’ll be whisked into their culinary world.

You can also bring your own favorite wine or drinks, which will often be recommended directly from the chef based on the food. Not only does this give you lots of flexibility, it saves you lots of money when compared to exorbitantly priced restaurant drinks!

Fresh and high quality ingredients sourced locally

EatAbout chefs know where to source the best ingredients in their area, so you can rest assured that you’ll be eating fresh and high quality ingredients. It’s not uncommon for your host to make an early morning visit to Smithfields Market to buy some incredible meat in preparation for your meal. Gone are the days of bulk ingredients!

Customize your meal

We’re firm believers that you shouldn’t compromise your preferences when it comes to food. Whether you have a specific dietary requirement or you just love having chocolate for dessert, have a chat with your host and they’ll see what they can do.

Meet the chef behind the scenes

EatAbout chefs are people just like you and me – they love to have a chat and tell you about their food. Often times you’ll find that the meal they’ve cooked for you has a very special story of its own – from the source of the recipe and ingredients to the inspiration behind this particular combination.

Whether you’re a local in your city or a traveller, you’ll be meeting someone from a different walk of life and enjoying the product of their greatest passion.

EatAbout is the new way to enjoy a meal with your friends, in the home of a chef. Are you ready to make a booking?