Meet the founders

EatAbout founders

We’re Felix and Philip, and as the founders of EatAbout we’re here to bring you closer to your food than ever before!

We’re democratizing eating out and empowering chefs to host guests in their home, with the aim to make good food accessible to everyone. We tackle the disconnect between you and your chef, helping you eat fresher food and interact directly with your chefs in their home – the most immersive and comfortable setting of all to enjoy a private meal in.

Philip serving sushi Philip serving sushi he learned to make in Tokyo

Our motivation is personal – we’ve been around the world and tried every type of food imaginable, and we feel that traditional restaurants so often fail to capture the air of authenticity that comes with trying new cuisines, particularly due to the rising presence of impersonal food chains.

Philip comes from a Swedish foodie family and grew up in Brazil with a hearty passion for cooking – one could even say that it’s in his blood, given that his grandfather pioneered the egg-product industry in Scandinavia.

He combines his love for food with a passion for tech, as he started taking computers apart at age 8 and has used much of that knowledge as well as lessons learned while working at Google, Spotify, and Cloud 66 to build the tech behind EatAbout.

In a similar vein, Felix hails from the southern coast of Sweden, where he spent his summers learning how to fish and cook fresh seafood - skills he would master even further as a chef at theatre kitchens preparing gala dinners for over 200 people.

Felix is a people person who takes pride in bringing people together, whether it be hosting dinners or organising trips around the world. His love of cooking and his interest in people is moulded together to run the operations behind EatAbout.

Having met in French class in Belgium in 2006, starting a company together was always an ambition of ours, but those plans didn’t materialize until the summer of 2015 when Philip went horseback riding through the plains of Mongolia and was hosted in the homes of local nomads - an experience that served as a catalyst for both of us to quit our jobs shortly thereafter to start EatAbout and hand out flyers on the street to find our first customers.

Felix sailing in the Caribbean Felix sailing in the Caribbean

Since starting EatAbout our hunger to bring new incredible meals to your plate just keeps growing, so hop onboard and see what your next EatAbout meal has in store!

Milking a yak in Mongolia Philip milking a yak in Mongolia