EatAbout Blog | We just started a Facebook group for our community

Sharing food

One of our big goals at EatAbout is to build our culture around the community, because after all, food is about sharing. Our new Facebook group is the very first step to achieve that!

If you’re interested in joining a conversation about eating experiences beyond the restaurant, you should definitely join our Facebook community. It’s by no means exclusive to EatAbout - it could be any eating experience beyond the restaurant!

What is it for?

Well, a big part of this question is up to you. You are the community, so you’re free to talk about anything related to the group theme.

Here a few suggestions:

  • Sharing recipes
  • Talking about experiences at EatAbout meals
  • Hosting tips
  • Just helping each other (“oh my god! I just caramelized my fruits in salt instead of sugar...what to do now?!”)

These are just a few examples, and this list could go and on. Feel free to share your own suggestions with us - we’d love to hear your ideas! :) The EatAbout Team is of course also there, so don't hesitate to ask any question. We would love to answer them <3

Join the EatAbout Facebook community now!