EatAbout Blog | EatAbout testimonial: an interview with one of our early adopters

We launched EatAbout a little over a month ago and so far we’ve had some great feedback and press. After hosting many wonderful guests, we felt that it would be important to share some of their experiences with a wider audience. We spoke to one of our early adopters, Anca, about her EatAbout experience after she tried out our French three-course meal with a Scandinavian flair.

Anca EatAbout early adopter

How would you describe the EatAbout experience?

EatAbout offered me a very easy and convenient way to arrange a quality meal in London. It definitely exceeded my expectations. This was due part to the great hospitality we’ve received, and part to the small details our host considered, such as lighting and background music. It was an excellent experience from beginning to end.

Amazing EatAbout meat

Can you describe how you booked your EatAbout meal?

I booked my EatAbout meal online, on the EatAbout website after signing up and creating an account. The whole thing was straightforward after deciding which chef I wanted to try.

Who would you recommend to use EatAbout?

I’d recommend EatAbout to any foodie living in London who wants to enjoy an amazing meal at reasonable prices.

What was the best part of your meal?

The best part of our meal was definitely the dessert. Felix really surprised us with an amazing combination of caramelized apples, rosemary and vanilla ice cream. No wonder I asked for extra!

Caramelized apples with rosemary

How would you compare EatAbout experience vs. the typical London restaurants that you have been to?

I think what differentiates these two most is the price difference. I know for sure I would’ve had to pay at least double for the same three-course dinner in a typical London restaurant. The atmosphere was definitely better and less tense than in many London restaurants I’ve been to. There were generous time restrictions so we could enjoy ourselves for as long as we wished, and this is hardly ever possible in a typical restaurant.

If you are interested in trying out the French and Scandinavian fusion meal that Anca tried you can book it here. Otherwise, if you’re interested in any other unique culinary experiences, why not check out any other of our incredible chefs and make your booking today!