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So you’re mad about Wimbledon are you? A stickler for some long-held traditions and rules? We get it. That’s why our chefs are here to cater to your every Wimbledon need.

EatAbout for Wimbledon

You’re a traditionalist

139 years old this year, Wimbledon remains the crème-de-la-crème of tennis. It’s something you await each year and ends far too quickly for your tastes. So drag out your celebration properly by pairing it with a tasting menu 20th August, designed by Michelin-ranked Chef Adam. Traditional British flare with the finest execution.

You’ll only settle for a court of grass

A rainy English summer isn’t enough of an excuse to do away with the grass courts and outdoor seating. So enjoy Chef Carine’s garden as she courts you with her summer BBQ.

You’re strict about your tennis whites

If you’re as strict as the referees are, you’ll most certainly need to be decked out in white for the evening’s festivities. Chef Claudia’s White Room with a view will serve as the perfect setting as you nosh on a rack of lamb. Note: white won’t hide your spillage as well as it does your sweat.

White room

You wish you were Rufus

We won’t serve up a hawk, after all we need Rufus to keep a watchful eye over the pigeons that soar about. But Chef Daniel serves up Rufus’ favourite meal: quail with onions, chickpeas and saffron. You may not have his bird’s eye view, but surely shared taste buds is enough?


You enjoy throwing your opponent off

Grunting is known to lower the accuracy of an opponent, hence the loud shrieks across the court. So throw your guests off, sway from the traditional British and enjoy 1000 year-old-recipes from China with Chef Lisa.

You’re fascinated by the BBG’s

Their swift moves and sharp reflexes show how well they’ve mastered their craft as Ball Boys & Girls. Now you can get a behind-the-scenes look at how Emma Spitzer became a Masterchef Finalist.

You believe in the quality of the racket

Traditionally made with catgut. Short for cattle gut, the strings on a racket make a big impact. Don’t let the rest of the cow go to waste with a taste of fresh sirloin with Chef Felix.

You love a strawberry

You contribute to the consumption of 28,000kg of strawberries sold at Wimbledon? Give the poor fruit a rest and try Yann & Graham’s take on eton mess: pineapple and mango.