EatAbout Blog | Dining with EatAbout in Brixton: Chef Carine

A week ago a group of friends tried their first EatAbout with chef Carine in Brixton. Growing up in Cameroon and France, Carine has over 20 years of cooking experience. Her cooking centers around mixing French and contemporary cuisine to make tasty dishes that you wont find in any London restaurant. We interviewed Thomas, one of the guests after to get the inside scoop on what his experience was like.

How did you find out about EatAbout?

I first came across EatAbout when I was introduced to one of the co-founders, Felix, through a friend. He was extremely friendly and cheerful and the idea sounded interesting so I decided to give EatAbout a go.

Can you describe how you booked your EatAbout meal?

It was extremely simple. All I had to do was sign-up on their website, choose my chef, and then complete a quick payment.

Which chef did you choose, and how would you describe your EatAbout experience?

My friends and I chose to dine with Carine. Upon entering her home she made us feel welcome immediately, and the whole experience including the food, music, atmosphere, and company was very pleasant.

Personally I sometimes find it hard to order at restaurants due to my specific food tastes (I’m a pescetarian), but Carine was more than happy to prepare a delicious and personalized meal for me.

Delicious cauliflower soup

For my starter she served a rich cauliflower soup, and for my main course she prepared a scrumptious fried sea bass filet. My friends started with a beef pot au feu with baby vegetables, and then a roast lamb for their main; and judging from the smiles on their faces their meal was clearly as good as mine!

The juicy roasted lamb

Carine described the desert she served as “chocolate mousse, but a little more than that” – which was most certainly the understatement of the year.

The tasty chocolate mousse

How would you compare your EatAbout experience to the typical London restaurants that you have been to?

For starters, an equivalent meal at a restaurant would have cost much, much more. I was also very impressed by the friendly and polite service - the chef was very much part of the culinary experience, yet still kept enough distance so that our meal still felt like a private experience between me and my friends.

One thing that surprised me was how natural it was to have a private meal in someone else’s home, and there were absolutely no tensions with regards to time, payment, or atmosphere that exist in most if not all restaurants.

Hearing a chef personally explain exactly what ingredients had gone into each course; where she had sourced them from; and how she had prepared each dish also made each dish much more appetizing compared to restaurants where one really never knows anything about a meal being served, or the chef cooking it.

Who would you recommend EatAbout to?

Everyone! It’s a unique and novel experience but I think anyone who likes to eat great food would love EatAbout and their chefs.